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Dear Readers:

We at Fivehaus began following the media industry closely over a decade ago when we first saw the video distribution paradigm shift and begin to mirror what had already happened in the print and music industries.  As content creation entered an exciting renaissance, we saw an opportunity to apply our assets and model to product marketing for ecommerce as well as the ongoing challenge of monetization in the video industry. Our focus is on how domains and domain systems – a niche we have been researching and developing since the early 2000s – can play a vital role in monetization.  We believe the strong shift away from the traditional broadcast television model toward a broadband model as well as the explosion of video content that has followed make for the perfect time to bring our ideas to the forefront of the discussion.  And while video is a critical and valuable sector, our ideas can apply to any content and/or product that a company wants to sell or monetize.

Our goal on this blog is to share pertinent news and ideas with the digital community about the ever-increasing value of the Internet’s “real estate” market, domain names, from a perspective that we hope will be somewhat unique and complimentary to the body of information that already exists.  We will do that by discussing pertinent news and ideas and integrating that information with the domain theory.   And as our blog is an effort to compliment a body of information that already exists, we’d like to express our appreciation for the news sites on the domain front such as DomainSherpa.com, DNJournal.com, DomainInvesting.com, DomainNameWire.com, TheDomains.com, among others and those on the business front such as Bloomberg/Bloomberg West, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, among others.  Here is what we plan to accomplish through our posts:

  • highlight the immense value that domain names and our domain-based systems could have across ecommerce and digital media sites as new and powerful tools for content distribution and discovery;
  • help industries and businesses not only consider domain assets and their skillful deployment as important tools for economic sustainability but also assimilate information that might aid in strategic decisions;
  • emphasize the potential of domain assets for helping to bring users closer to the content they seek (i.e., a search alternative);
  • inform the community about news in the tech and media sectors and offer unique commentary, criticism, etc.;
  • and contribute in a reasonable and intelligent way to the body of journalism that exists mostly for free (!) on the truly amazing and liberating entity that is our beloved Internet.

Our next post will be what we will refer to as our “pilot episode.”  It will be longer than the usual “episodes” and will address a topic near and dear to all of our hearts, advertising.  Until next time, may your ideas be plentiful, your execution be strategic and your mind find time to be still.

Many thanks in advance for reading.

Warmest regards,


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