Why does my company need a Fivehaus Domain System?

Fivehaus understands that companies are struggling to monetize content and products in the face of today’s content explosion. Massive content centralizers such as Facebook and Google exert an almost oligarchical rule. The standard responses to the problems of content centralization and content dilution are running ads, charging fees, and licensing content, but given the scope of the problem there needs to be more solutions. In order to thrive, companies must create widely-diversified, digital business platforms that include apps, websites, virtual reality, and more. That “more” is where Fivehaus comes in. Our Fivehaus Domain Systems are an entirely new addition to your company’s business platform. No other company offers a product like ours.

That sounds great, but what is a Fivehaus Domain System?

A Fivehaus Domain System is an intelligent, language-based, centralized distribution stronghold that functions as an independent network for marketing and distributing your company’s content and products.

How are Fivehaus Domain Systems organized?

Each Fivehaus Domain System has three components:  your company’s URL that contains the content to be optimized, a single primary domain that best describes the URL’s overall content, and dozens to hundreds of secondary domains that both describe the URL’s content and  support the primary domain.  Any of these domains can be used to Portal Brand your company’s content.

Are Fivehaus Domain Systems scalable?

Absolutely.  You can grow a Fivehaus Domain System as large as you’d like.  Suitable for both B2B and B2C business models, and scalable both within a single business platform and across any business platform type, a Fivehaus Domain System gives your company unmatched control and independence in an increasingly centralized market.

How can a Fivehaus Domain System help my company?

A Fivehaus Domain System is built on a number of strong .com and .net domains through which customers can directly access your content and through which you can independently collect valuable user data.  Furthermore, a Fivehaus Domain System naturally drives your System’s primary domain – and thus your content – to the first page of search results prior to traditional search engine optimization (SEO).  Finally, each domain in a Fivehaus System offers an opportunity to Portal Brand your company’s content and products, thus allowing your company to take control of the important phrases describing your business.

Tell me more about Portal Branding.

Traditionally, sub-brands are subsidiary brands of a parent company and each sub-brand has its own brand name. For instance, Pampers and Bounty are sub-brands of Proctor and Gamble. Now, say you are a real estate company with many oceanfront holdings in China, and you’re using the domain ChinaBeachRealEstate.com to drive traffic from organic search to your oceanfront holdings in China. The generic descriptive phrase “China beach real estate” will come to describe specific assets belonging to your company and thus become one of your company’s sub-brands. As you use ChinaBeachRealEsate.com in advertising campaigns, the domain strengthens and becomes a branded upstream portal for your company. Portal Brands should be short, easily-remembered descriptive phrases that claim the simple language used to describe your company’s content or products. Fivehaus owns sets of such domains for the real estate, financial, and chocolate sectors, and has Systems already in place for companies in these sectors to purchase.  For companies outside of these sectors, Fivehaus can help you select a strong set of descriptive domains upon which we will build your System.

Descriptive Exact-Match Domains (EMDs) (also known as Keyword Domains) are often marketed to companies to use as their primary domain so that they can harness more traffic through organic search.  Is this similar?

The idea is similar but Fivehaus Domain Systems exist on a much larger scale, which widens your exposure and offers many new options to Portal Brand your content. Also, each System is standalone, linking to the content on your main brand’s URL rather than replacing your brand’s website. This allows you to leverage the power of the EMDs while retaining both your brand and your company website. Fivehaus Domain Systems strengthen and protect your brand and trademarks.

My company owns a lot of video content, and we anticipate our video archive growing considerably over time.  How would a Fivehaus Domain System work for us?

Video is an excellent fit for a Fivehaus Domain System.  Due to the ever-increasing amount of online digital video, it is difficult for platforms to attract viewers and monetize content. Traditional search tools aren’t effective at displaying strong, relevant results for video because video is not text-based like the rest of the internet.  A Fivehaus Domain System makes video content easily discoverable. First we organize your content hierarchically so that users can  move logically from general content to increasingly specific content. Once your content is organized, we build separate Systems for each category’s URL.  Thus each new page of video content is easily discovered through organic search and through direct navigation via Portal Branded domains.  Once on your site, users are able to easily search for desired content through the hierarchically-organized URL structure.

Will the nature of the content on my URL affect search results?

No.  The primary domains in a Fivehaus Domain System do not contain content but instead link to the URL that contains your content.  SmackAGoth.com, for example, is built on real estate domains and is our oldest Fivehaus Domain System currently in operation.  It has been operating at the top of search results in both Google and Bing for two and a half years.  SmackAGoth.com illustrates that strong optimization results of a Fivehaus Domain System are not dependent upon the subject of the secondary domains in relationship to the primary domain, or upon the content to which the primary domain is linked.  The strength of a Fivehaus Domain System lies in the its unique design. If a company wanted to buy the SmackAGoth beta system, the primary domain, SmackAGoth.com, could easily be substituted for another descriptive domain related to the real estate industry and there should be no change in the strong, long-standing URL search results.

What if I were to change the URL to which the primary domain in the Fivehaus Domain System is linked?

The standalone nature of each Fivehaus Domain System gives you incredible flexibility, allowing you to change content as often as you’d like without affecting your search ranking. Such a feature is especially useful for live or up-to-date video platforms.

My company doesn’t have video.  We sell products. Will a Fivehaus Domain System work for us?

Yes.  A Fivehaus Domain System or a set of Systems will pull more traffic into any URL or family of URLs.  For instance, if your company sells ETFs and you have a site where those ETFs are listed, one System can be built to drive traffic to that URL.  Alternatively, if you have several different types of ETF products, then these products can be categorized, and then several Fivehaus Domain Systems can be built to optimize each ETF category’s URL. This approach works regardless of the product your company sells, from chocolate candy to premium real estate. And should your company sell ETFs, real estate, or chocolate, Fivehaus has beta tested Systems for sale that have yielded first page search results for up to two and a half years and counting.

I’d like to see a beta Fivehaus Domain System.

We have two fully-functioning beta Systems at InvestmentBankAdvisoryFirm.com and SmackAGoth.com.  Searching for InvestmentBankAdvisoryFirm.com in a four-separate-word organic search will yield a top position in Bing.  Searching for SmackAGoth.com in a three-separate-word organic search will yield top positions in both Google and Bing.  Searching for either domain as one word – such as “InvestmentBankAdvisoryFirm” – will yield top positions in both search engines.  Each System illustrates how a Fivehaus Domain System might look and serve as a valuable search and distribution alternative for an ad-supported or hybrid ad-supported/subscription television channel.  Examples of such channels include Bloomberg.com and CNNGo.com, respectively.  We typically use Bing video search results for our beta systems, as Bing’s video search tool functions and displays video better than other available tools.   As we mentioned before, a Fivehaus Domain System can optimize any content or product site.  We chose to optimize video in our beta Systems, as online video is quickly becoming the most valuable content to advertisers and is the most challenging medium for which to search using traditional search tools.

I’m a company with a financial news channel.  Can I use one of your beta Systems to help drive more traffic to my company’s news site?

Absolutely.  All Fivehaus Domain Systems are ready made to link to content immediately.  InvestmentBankAdvisoryFirm.com is built on ETF and other financial domains.  This Fivehaus Domain System could support online financial channels such as Bloomberg’s Live TV Channel, CNNMoney’s Video Channel, CNBC’s Latest and Top Video Channels or live Twitter broadcasts.  This Fivehaus Domain System could also help ETF issuers like Blackrock, State Street, WisdomTree, Fidelity, Invesco, Deutsche Bank, Van Eck and others stand out and protect market share in a rapidly growing, highly-competitive ETF market.

How do you charge?

Our fee structure is simple.  Together we determine how many domains you wish to have in your initial System (we recommend at least 50) and agree upon a per-domain cost.  The per-domain cost includes the creation of your Fivehaus Domain System and nine months of System management.  During this nine months, we teach you how to manage the System(s) on your own.  50% of the total payment is due at the beginning, 25% is due at the end of the fourth month and the final 25% is due at the end of the ninth month.  Once you own the domains and your System is created, the only costs are annual domain renewals, around 10-15 dollars per domain, per year.

What about my bottom line?  If I invest in a Fivehaus Domain System, how will I see a return on my investment?

A Fivehaus Domain System benefits your company in two ways: cost avoidance and improved revenue through increased traffic.  Traditional advertising options such as billboards, transportation banners, radio ads and television commercials can cost from $10,000 to $100,000 a month or more.  With a Fivehaus Domain System, each domain in the System is an advertisement unto itself, drawing your customers in and providing them with direct access to your content.  A Fivehaus Domain System thus allows you to streamline advertising costs while greatly improving revenue through increased traffic.

Organize. Optimize. Monetize.